71000013: Chase Bank IL Router Number

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The Chase Bank routing number 71000013 is specifically for branches located in Illinois. This guide explains what a routing number is and how to use 71000013 for Chase Bank in IL.

What is a Routing Number?

Identification Code for Banks

A routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies economic establishments within the United States. It is likewise referred to as an ABA quantity or routing transit number (RTN). The routing number 71000013 is assigned via the American Bankers Association to Chase Bank branches placed in Illinois.

Used for Processing Payments

Routing numbers facilitate the electronic switch of price range between banks. They permit fast and correct processing of numerous banking transactions such as direct deposits, wire transfers, and automated debits and credits. For instance, in case you need to set up direct deposit in your Chase Bank account in Illinois, you will need to offer the 71000013-routing wide variety.

About Chase Bank

Major US Bank

Chase Bank is one of the largest 4 retail banks in the United States. It has over four, hundred branches spread across 38 states and offers over half of the American households. Chase Bank offers banking solutions for retail and commercial customers. Get more info about Emerging Technologies.

History and Mergers

Chase Manhattan Bank was formed in 1955 through the merger of the Chase National Bank and the Bank of Manhattan Company. Over the years, Chase Manhattan merged with numerous other predominant banks like J.P. Morgan & Co., Bank One, and Washington Mutual. Today, it does business as JPMorgan Chase Bank.


Chase Bank Routing Numbers

Format of Routing Numbers

All Chase Bank routing numbers are 9 digits long and follow a standard format:

  • First 4 digits – Federal Reserve Routing Symbol
  • Next 4 digits – Chase Bank identifier
  • Final digit – Check digit

So for 71000013:

  • 7100 – Federal Reserve Routing Symbol
  • 0000 – Chase Bank identifier
  • 1 – Check digit

Locating the Routing Number

The routing number is printed on all Chase Bank checks, usually at the bottom left corner. It also can be found on the financial institution’s internet site, cellular app, or by contacting customer support. Your Chase Bank routing variety depends on the kingdom and town where your branch is placed.

For all Chase branches in Illinois, the routing number is 71000013.


Title71000013: Chase Bank IL Router Number
DescriptionThe routing number 71000013 is for Chase Bank in Illinois. It is used for electronic fund transfers (EFTs), such as direct deposits, bill payments, and wire transfers.
PurposeThe routing number is used to identify the financial institution where an EFT is being sent. It is also used to route the EFT to the correct account.
How to find itThe routing number can be found on your Chase Bank checks, in your online banking account, or by calling Chase Bank customer service.
Other detailsThe routing number is also known as the ABA routing number or the routing transit number (RTN). It is a nine-digit number that is unique to each financial institution.

Uses of 71000013 Routing Number

Deposits and Transfers

The Chase Bank IL routing transit number 71000013 is needed to process electronic funds transfers. Provide this routing number when you are:

  • Depositing checks via mobile or online banking
  • Setting up direct deposits for payroll or benefits
  • Wiring money transfers from a Chase account
  • Transferring funds electronically from other banks

Setting up Direct Deposit

To set up direct deposit of your paycheck or benefits into your Chase Bank account in IL, give the routing number 71000013 along with your Illinois account number to your employer or benefits provider. This will enable quick and automated deposits directly into your account.


Online Banking with 71000013

Chase Mobile App

You can conveniently access your Chase Bank account in Illinois using the Chase Mobile app. Use the app to check balances, deposit checks, pay bills, and transfer money by giving the 71000013 routing number when required.

Account Management

Log in to Chase.com online banking to manage your Illinois accounts seamlessly. The 71000013 routing number also enables online services like checking your transaction history, paying bills, opening accounts, or applying for loans from the comfort of your home. Great post Read about DIY hidden camera ideas.


Fraud Prevention Tips

Check Statements Regularly

Get in the habit of reviewing your account statements frequently to catch any unauthorized transactions. Checking your statement helps identify fraud sooner.

Set Up Alerts

Set up text or email alerts on your Chase Bank account to get notifications for various transactions and account activities. You’ll be alerted about suspicious activity right away.

Use Strong Passwords

Always opt for strong, unique passwords for your Chase Bank online login and change them periodically. Weak passwords make your account vulnerable to hackers.


Contacting Chase Bank

Customer Service Number

If you have any queries or issues regarding your Chase Bank account, call customer service at 1-800-935-9935. This toll-loose range connects you immediately to a Chase consultant who can help you.

Visiting a Local Branch

You can also visit a Chase Bank branch in Illinois for personalized service. Talk to the branch staff if you need account maintenance assistance or have any other concerns.

So in summary, 71000013 is the 9-digit routing number identifying Chase Bank branches located in the state of Illinois. Use this Chase Bank IL routing number for deposits, transfers, and whenever required for seamless banking transactions.



Q1: Where is the routing number on a Chase check?

A1: The Chase Bank routing number is the 9-digit code printed on the bottom left corner of your checks. For Illinois branches, checks show the routing number as 71000013.

Q2: Can I use the Chase online routing number for wire transfers?

A2: Yes, you can use the same Chase routing number 71000013 for online wire transfers from your Chase Bank account in Illinois.

Q3: Does Chase Bank have the same routing number for all states?

A3: No, Chase Bank has different routing numbers for different states. 71000013 is only for Chase branches located in the state of Illinois.

Q4: How can I verify the routing number on my Chase account?

A4: You can verify the Chase Bank routing number by checking your checks, online account details, mobile banking app, or by contacting Chase customer service.

Q5: Can I change my Chase Bank routing number?

A5: No, you cannot change the routing number yourself as it is assigned by the ABA based on the bank’s location. It will remain the same for all Chase branches in the same state.

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